Our training for sustainable food system development is online !

Monday, 25 February 2019

Since october 2018, POUR LA SOLIDARITÉ-PLS and its partners for the European project Training 4 Sustainable Food System Development - T4F have been working together to create professional trainings based on the development of “green skills” in the food sector, in order to increase the number of jobs linked with an ecological, sustainable and inclusive transition. The training manual, first of a trio of tools to come in the following weeks, is now available online !

It has been proven that our current food system has a huge impact on the environment and that the traditional economic system does not respond anymore to the challenge brought by the overconsumption of resources. That is why a transition to a more sustainable food system, on the social, economical, ecological and cultural levels is necessary.

To meet these challenges, partners of the European project Erasmus+ T4F have joined forces to commit for a more sustainable and inclusive society, by designing a new training program in order to meet the lack of sustainable competences and training needs for workers of the food sector. Indeed, education and training are essential vectors to respond to the socio-economic changes facing the European Union (EU) and the world.

This training aims to introduce notions of sustainability and green skills in the food sector as a whole, from the cooking to the hotel management. It can be given in entirety or unit by unit. Indeed, the training could be used by different kind of vocational education and training (VET) providers and intended for trainees at different educational levels. Each learning unit mixes theory and practice to develop or improve the green skills in a general but concrete way.

Click here to access the training manuel !