Starting a european dialogue on the platform economy

Tuesday, 23 January 2018
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The Sharers & Workers network will host an international event on social innovation in the digital economy.

The event will be co-organised by the European Trade Union Confederation, the European Trade Union Institute and the Brussels-based think & do tank POUR LA SOLIDARITE - PLS. It will bring together 100 people from several EU countries.

Among all these people involved in the social economy sector, we will find experts such as policy makers, trade unionists, operators of digital platforms or freelancers.

All of them will participate in different workshops, debates and round tables about new ways to shape the digital economy and make it financially sustainable, innovative et socially responsable. Good examples of "co-operative spirit" will be promoted through different sessions during which traditionally "opposed" stakeholders will face. The purpose will be to draw general and common inputs.



La Tentation
Rue de Laeken, 28


Denis Stokkink